Polish Yourself Before You Look for Your Shining Knight

Polish Yourself Before.jpg

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

This sentence is like the Genesis “in the beginning” of romantic novels. Ah the class! The decorum! And the simple yet oh so elegant lifestyle!
If you have not yet understood what on earth I am talking about, I sympathize with you! You have wasted precious moments reading my words instead of one of the greatest masterpieces on earth!

I urge you to STOP what you are doing, run to your local bookstore, or go to the Kindle store if you are one of those electronic people, and buy the wonderful, the glorious “Pride and Prejudice,” by the fabulous Jane Austen.

Seriously, do not even continue on reading until you get that book. I cannot have this discussion with you if you have not read it.

Bought the book yet?

…Are you sure?

…please don’t lie to me…

Okay, ready for our little chat?

Can we please talk about wanting to go back in time and be there with Lizzie Bennett at her first meeting with Mr. Darcy?! How I long to be there! I have read this book five times and have not yet been bored while reading.

Jane Austen captures every girls’ dream in her story: the finding and falling in love with a man that she has always hoped for. However, Ms. Austen tells a story that is so much different from the romantic stories I grew up with.

Cinderella had her Prince Charming and it was love at first sight. There was no flaw in Cinderella, she was beautiful, graceful, and could even sing. The only flaw between the two of them was that the Prince’s eyesight was not very savvy. He couldn’t even tell who his one true love was without looking at her foot (talk about weird).

Jane Austen writes along the lines of reality. Both Darcy and Lizzie had flaws. She was prejudiced and he was prideful (get it? Pride and Prejudice). Their flaws are what destroys the love at first sight shamble. Lizzie can’t stand the sight of Darcy. Darcy is worse than friend-zoned, he is what I call Mr. Collins-zoned (If you didn’t read the book yet like I told you to, you won’t get it!). Lizzie doesn’t see any hint of a possibility of marrying Darcy.

As Ms. Austen develops the story she makes the characters vulnerable to such weaknesses. These weaknesses almost lead to the complete ruin of either of them having a happy ending. This is what I find intriguing. Girls need to realize that their knight in shining armor won’t always come polished. We are all prone to sin. We are never perfect and these imperfections are what can truly destroy us. The “nobody’s perfect” and “we all make mistakes” statements are true, but when people turn this into something where we aren’t held accountable or we don’t suffer for those “mistakes,” we get in trouble.

Lizzie and Darcy both suffer damage from their foolish actions. However, they pull through the consequences and learn to not be like their former selves. Lizzie opens herself up to a newer outlook on Darcy. Darcy learns that by humbling himself, he can win over Lizzie. Both characters must make REALISTIC choices about their lives. They could have either chosen to be stubborn in their usual ways or change their attitude so that they can learn to love another. They choose the latter, and take the focus off of blaming the other for their trial. They look INWARD at what THEY can do to better change THEMSELVES. By putting the needs of the other above their own, they are able to meet each other at eye level and truly see one another. They finally are able to stand on common ground and allow their love to virtuously flow.

Ladies, your husband or significant other will not be shining all the time. It only takes ONE of you to make things right. By putting his needs above yours, you are amplifying your love for him 10 times more.

We can all learn a lot from Ms. Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Life doesn’t come with your personal perfect prince package. We should strive to fix our weaknesses and humbly admit our mistakes. By reconciling our failures and putting our selfish desires aside, we can finally let ourselves love another person we never thought we could love. That person could turn out to be perfect. Not perfect in their behavior, but perfect as in a perfect fit for YOU. Someone who can help bring out your best qualities and who will love you in spite of your flaws.

What are your thoughts on the book? Did you interpret it differently? Did it affect you the same way? Comment in the box below!


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