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10 Things Every Curly Person Needs

10 Things Every Curly Person Needs- These 10 tools are a must have for ALL curly haired people.
10 Things Every Curly Person Needs

Just like straight haired people, we curly people must have tools to help tame our hair. Now, our hair NEVER turns out the same each day, but these tools will help you reach a better hair day.

1. Wide Tooth Comb

This is the number one thing you need. It is IMPOSSIBLE to brush your hair with a brush, unless you want to tear out chunks of hair out of your head. Having a wide tooth comb is so much more gentle and should only be used when hair is wet, and preferably with conditioner. You aren’t tearing hair out and it separates curls easier to evenly spread conditioner and styling products.

2. Microfiber/ Cotton Towel, Rag or Shirt

Using either one of these decreases the chances of frizz. A non-cotton towel sucks out the moisture in your hair and takes all of the hair products with it. A cotton shirt or microfiber towel absorbs EXCESS moisture without completely drying your hair. Your hair will still keep the moisture it needs. This is just a way for you not to have soaking, dripping hair while you get ready, while retaining moisture.

3. Defuser

For those mornings you HAVE to dry your hair, this helps keep the heat from the blow dryer away from centralizing on one spot and drying out all of the moisture, causing frizz. The defuser evens out the heat distribution and allows your hair to retain moisture, which is what all of us curly people are about! However, don’t defuse your hair too often. Even with the even distribution, your hair could receive damage over excess heat usage.

4. Satin Pillow

Okay, we ALL wait to wash our hair until the third day, or even later. But the issue we have is FRIZZ. We move in our sleep and our hair rubs against out pillow causing static, which means the frizz storm is coming. A satin pillow decreases your chances of a frizzy mess. It is softer and gentler on your hair. Invest in a satin pillow and you will be happy.

5. Nylon hair tie

This trick can be used for BOTH curly and straight hair. We ALL get the ponytail dent. Once we put our hair up, we commit to it all day long. Take a pair of old nylons and cut a small circle out of them. Use the circle as your new hair tie! It doesn’t stretch a lot so that means it doesn’t stretch then shrink, closing in on your hair, causing the dent. It’s loose, and you will have to loop it around your hair multiple times, but no more dent!!!

6. Wand 

I know lame. Curly people shouldn’t curl their hair! We don’t have to! BUT on those special occasions where you notice that a couple of your curls have failed on you, use a wand to curl them again. A wand looks more natural as it follows your curl pattern easier than a curler or straightener. Again, use this sparingly as over-usage of heat can damage your hair.

7. Bobby Pins

We are lucky that one bobby pin goes a long way with our hair. The ratio of bobby pins a curly hair person uses to a straight haired person is 1:10. One bobby pin can hold our hair in a bun for hours. Invest in these little things and you can do so many different styles to your hair!

8. Half up clip

I use this ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I don’t want my hair all the way down, but I don’t want it all the way up. So I pull out my hand dandy clip and put my hair half up. It’s beautiful and so useful. You must get it!

9. Shower Cap

Second day hair = no washing. You still have to wash your body though! Get a shower cap and save your hair from getting wet and then having to redo it again. I forget sometimes that I have my hair up and if I don’t have my shower cap on, my hair gets soaking wet. Great, I have to actually wash it now. Shower caps =life saver.

10. Scissors

Everyone needs scissors for your hair, but we REALLY need it. We have lots of hair and split ends. Sacrificing our months of growing  hair one inch to a hair dresser for a “trim” is not ideal. Practically no one knows how to properly cut our hair and a “trim” ends up being 4 inches of hair cut off. It’s easier to cut a split end ourselves if we see one. No use going to a hairstylist with one or two split ends. Also, some hair ties are impossible to take of, so we need scissors to cut it off. Scissors have saved me many times.
What other tools do you use for your hair? Leave a comment at the top of the page and share your wisdom!

Want to know how to manage your hair with tools like these? Click here to check out my post “How to Manage Curly Hair.”


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