About Me


Hello everyone! I will remain anonymous and will be going under the pseudonym: Lizzie. I attend college and am a believer in Jesus Christ. College can be tough and I want to help you ease on through it. I also know the difficulty of being a Christian in a pagan world. I won’t always be a college student, but the one thing that will always be constant in my life is Christ. Christ is more than applicable to college, He is needed for the rest of your life!

I also want to unite with fellow curly haired people! It took me YEARS to figure out how to tame the beast on my head, and I want to help those who are still struggling with their training. #EmbracetheCurls


A little more about me:

I LOVE to sing and play piano. I am an avid reader of Jane Austen; my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. I am obsessed with “Bones” and “Gilmore Girls.” I am a curly haired girl with wild and frizzy hair!


A random fact about me:

My favorite thing is when my whole family gets together on birthdays and sings “Happy Birthday” in harmony. Random, but beautiful and bittersweet!