10 Websites/Apps to Help You in College

10 Websites and Apps to Help You in College- Whether it be planning your schedule or practicing your vocabulary words, these websites and apps will help get you through your academic journey.
10 Websites and Apps to Help You in College

It’s hard enough as it is to go through college with our busy lives and full working schedules. Sometimes it’s nice to get a little help to ease the struggle! Face it, we all have to deal with college, so we might as well use the many resources available to us to get us through it. Whether it be planning your schedule or practicing your vocabulary words, these websites and apps will help get you through your academic journey.

1. Quizlet 

This is by far my favorite app of all. This was a life saver for my Spanish class. It helped me study vocabulary words so much faster! It’s free and you can create your own set of flash cards, or use someone else’s set that has already been created.To study the flashcards, you type out the word that goes with the definition and it will go through your whole set of words until you get them all right. You can play games that test the speed of your recognition of the vocabulary words. It’s great and fun!

Quizlet to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College
Also available on the Apple Store & Google Play.


Yup, simple as that. An electronic dictionary. It is so much better than carrying a 4 inch thick, 50 year old dictionary to school everyday. Dictionaries probably seem so outdated, but trust me, there will come a time when you need to figure out what the heck your teacher just said. I’ve used it many many many times. I like to have my phone near me when I’m reading a textbook or required reading and I quickly look up words I don’t know. You must use it! to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College
Also available on Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.


This is an absolute must for you non-native Spanish speakers! It also helped me in my Spanish class. It shows you the right way to conjugate words and helps you translate anything you need. Now, don’t cheat and type in a paragraph of English and then translate it to Spanish and use it for your class. Your teacher will know (just like they know when you use Google Translate! So DON’T DO IT CHEATERS!) Use it for simple, quick uses like checking what house means in Spanish.

SpanishDict to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College
Also available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

4. Pinterest

Okay, this probably seems totally crazy, but it honestly is does more than having fun on social media. If you need help with studying tips or learning how to stop procrastinating, this is the website for you. Create a board of school supplies you need, or ways to make your essays better. But be careful not to spend too long on it and get trapped in the holes of fun. Seriously, I could spend hours on it.

Pinterest to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College
Also available in Apple Store.

5. Cappex

If you are thinking about transferring to a different college, this is a great website to look for prospects. You create a profile and then type in what you want to major in, how much you want tuition to be, how close to home you want to be, rural or urban, and other info. It will narrow down your possibilities and will show you the colleges that best match your profile! It’s not only good for when you are in college, but for high schoolers before college! It also shows you scholarships you can enter in. I haven’t applied to any of the scholarships yet as most of them require an essay, but if you’ve got the time, GO AHEAD! Get those scholarships!

Cappex to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College

6. My Study Life

I loved this app! It was great for having my school schedule on my computer. It notified me whenever I had a class coming up or when an assignment was due. You can enter in as many classes as you want and then write in your assignments for your class. I also used it for other events I had going on every week like my church’s college group bible study. It helped me to keep track of everything without having to carry around a planner.

My Study Life (2) to Help You in College- 10 Websites to Help You in College

My Study Life to Help You in College- 10 Website and Apps to Help You in College
Also Available in Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.


7. Facebook

Yup, Facebook. This was awesome to have for those classmates you don’t want to give your phone number to. Sometime you have group projects or someone needs to give or receive information about your class. I don’t want to give my number to strangers and have them keep it forever. I really don’t want to take a chance of them trying to text me to have a conversation and then have them bug me all the time with pointless texts. If you want to become my friend, talk to me first in person, not through my phone. Facebook is awesome because you can message each other and then when you are done working together, you can just unfriend them. This probably seems harsh but, trust me, you will want to use this some time in your college career.

Facebook to Help You in College- 10 Website and Apps to Help You in College
Also available on Apple Store and Google Play.

8. Rate My Professor

If I had looked at this before I registered for my classes, it would have saved me a headache. This website includes almost all the professors at your school and their ratings/reviews by students just like you! I am now just learning to use it to check all the professors of my classes. Students can be brutally honest so you know exactly what you are getting into when you sign up for the professor’s class. Help your classmates and give your rating too! They need to know what YOUR experience was like also!

Rate My Professor To Help You in College

9. Amazon/ Amazon Prime

This is one of the greatest money savers out of the whole universe. I rent and buy all of my textbooks here. Compared to getting brand new $500 textbooks at your university, at Amazon you can get it for under $300. You can rent books too! So you end up spending $100 for the $500 book you almost bought brand new. I’m telling you, I have saved hundreds of dollars on this! Also, with shipping getting so expensive for buying/renting all of your books, you can pay $99 for Amazon Prime and get FREE shipping for the WHOLE YEAR. Not only that, but it will be shipped to you in 2-3 days AND you get FREE movies AND FREE music. On Amazon Prime I have watched everything from The Hunger Games to Downton Abbey. For Amazon Music, you can get practically everything by Meghan Trainor and a lot of good ol’ country music (There is much more than that too if they aren’t your music style). It is totally worth it! You save money on college and get practically FREE entertainment for those all nighters.

Amazon Prime To Help You in College
Amazon Store App available on App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. Amazon Music App available on Apple Store and Google Play. Amazon Video available on Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Set-top boxes (Roku, Google TV, TiVo), Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii), Android devices (Amazon Video app for Android phones and tablets), iOS devices (Amazon Video app for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), Fire phone, and Fire tablets.


10. EasyBib

This is amazing for research papers! It helps create your bibliography or works cited page by putting in information into a form. After you enter in the information asked for, they put it all together for you! OR you can search the name of your source and it will input all the info for you! You can do multiple formats: APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. It will save you time and stress!

Easy Bib Website To Help You in College
Also available on Apple Store and Google Play.


There are so many more sources available to you than these 10 I have posted. These are just some of the basic ones to start out with. Go out and explore and share to all your fellow classmates! We must unite together and help ease our shared journey!

Any website or apps that you have found to be helpful in your college career? Leave a comment and tell us all! We would love to hear!




Finding Your Major- Are you having trouble finding what you want to major in in college? Don't worry! I am here to settle your anxiety!
Finding Your Major

When you first start college you may have a major in mind or you may be completely lost in the subject. Either way, deciding on a major can be hard and stressful. It is nothing to worry too much over in your first few years of college. I am here to help ease any worries.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your major when you first start college.

This is a major (no pun intended) decision to make. It takes a lot of consideration and there is no reason why you have to commit to one major  in your first year or two. It takes time and you need to explore the different possibilities that await you. Take different classes that you think you might be interested in. You will find something I promise. Every one who graduates college eventually does.

Don’t worry about changing your major.

If you have already been in college for awhile and you want to change your major, don’t be frightened. Everyone changes their major once, if not twice or three times. It is never too late to change your major. You can still keep going to college to get the classes you need. It is better to be in school a little longer than be stuck with a major you hate. Also, if you thought you were set on a major or career field since a little kid and then you find that you don’t think it’s for you, all will be fine. I always loved music as a little kid and all throughout high school I was actively involved in my school choir. I was in three different chorale groups my junior and senior year, took part in two musicals, and composed and conducted a choral piece. I thought I wanted to be a music major, now I just finished my first year of college after taking some music classes and I found its not for me. Everyone thought music was going to be my career. I’m changing my major to biology, but who knows? That might be different after next year.

Explore and Have Fun

As you look for a major or decide if you found “the one,” have fun with your exploration. Take classes you never thought you would take. If any class or subject grabs your interest, take it! If the class doesn’t work out, don’t be anxious. Continue on with your exploration and branch out! You WILL find a major.

In honor of exploring your major, what was your most interesting, awesome, and favorite class that you took? Did it have an impact on your academic journey?



What Should You Put in Yor College Backpack-

This is definitely a question I would have liked answered before I went to college. It may seem like a silly question, but it really is very important to know! You don’t want to over-pack or under-pack during college! Knowing just the right stuff you need will make your day go by easier and more organized.

First of all, let’s talk about the actual backpack that you will have. Don’t get those one shoulder cutesy big purse bags. Your shoulder will be dying by the end of the day and you will probably suffer some damage for the rest of your life (that might be a little over exaggerated). Get a backpack with TWO straps that goes on your back. Or better yet, get a rolly one. I’m telling you, those things are coming back in style. I’ve seen so many people with them at my school and they are not ashamed! Rock the rolly backpack and save your body the pain!

2. Pencils
This is an obvious one. You need utensils to write with. Wood or mechanical are both fine. Preferably #2 for tests on scan-trons.

3. Pens (Red and Black or Blue)
Some teachers have students correct papers in class, so red is always good to have. Black or Blue for those times your teacher insists you write in pen (Do they know how many mistakes I make while writing?)

4. Notebook for Each Class
Yes, you need notebooks. You need to keep track of all your notes and it’s easier to have individual notebooks for each class instead of single sheet of binder paper that gets mixed up easily with all your other class notes.

   5. Binder w/ tabs for each class
Get a small binder, not one of those industrial ones. Just 1/2 inch will do the trick. Get dividers w/ pockets for each class where you can store loose papers, homework, and handouts.

6. Highlighter
You never know when you need to highlight something in your textbook or notes.

7. Binder Paper
Sometimes professors want you to turn in an assignment in class on binder paper. It’s a pain in the bottom to have to rip out paper from your notebook and get stuck with the tiny ripped up pieces on the side. Those things get EVERYWHERE.

8. Laptop & Charger
If you don’t have a laptop in college, this should be the first thing you save up for. I could not have lived without my laptop. I put so many notes in there and typed up many many essays. One Note on Microsoft Word was miraculous. In fact, you could scratch of having notebooks for each class (#4)  if you like to take your notes on your laptop! What a good way to save room!

9. Headphones
You need these if you have to (or want to) listen to something on your laptop.

10. Wallet (with money)
Okay this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a nice luxury to have when you are craving coffee at the café.

11. Snacks
You will probably not have time or a place to eat a meal, so I recommend small healthy snacks that you can eat  on the way to your next class. Almonds, apples, celery, trail mix, and granola bars are tasty!

12. Textbooks/ Other required reading materials
Some professors like you to bring your textbook or required reading to class, so save room for those too! If you have a big break in between classes, I would suggest bringing a textbook to work on homework.
Most importantly, you need to keep hydrated throughout your day! It’s so easy to forget about your basic needs as you go from class to class. Drink water during every break you have. Infuse your water with delicious fruits and veggies to turn water into a fun treat! I love to put mint, kiwi, and lemon in mine!

What other things do you think someone must have in their backpack? Leave a comment at the top of the page and I will post your ideas!



First Year of College

Some of you may be graduating from high school this year or have a child that will be a graduate. What you see in the movies is nothing like the real college experience. Here are some heads up for that first year you reach the big campus.

1. You most likely will not get the classes you want for your first semester.
It is very rare to get the core classes that you want for your first semester. Because you are a newby, your registration date for classes will be much later than everyone else’s. The longer you at the college and the more credits you take, the earlier you can register. You will probably end up taking a class you are not fond of because it was the only class left over. But don’t worry, you will eventually get the classes you want!

2. Your schedule of classes will not be the greatest for your first semester.
Because of the inconvenient late registration of your first semester, the classes that you do end up getting will be spread apart throughout your weak. You probably will have Monday through Friday classes with one or two classes a day. In my first semester, I had only one class on two days out of the week and I didn’t start school the other days until 11:00 am with an hour and a half break in between my 11 and 1:30 class. It was hard, but that break was actually good for catching up on homework in the library!

3. Definitely meet with a counselor!
I made the mistake of not meeting with a counselor beforehand. I was a music major and the music director contacted me two weeks before school started to change my schedule to fit the music major requirements. I had no clue what the requirements were to be considered a music major and I had to completely change my schedule only two weeks before classes started. If I had met with a counselor, I would’ve saved the pain of having to redo my schedule. Also, the counselor will help you create a plan for your classes so you can make sure to meet General Ed and graduation requirements.

4. Don’t sweat going to a junior college.
Going to a junior college will save you THOUSANDS of dollars! Your friends may be getting acceptance letters to Universities and your school is making a big deal about them getting into a “prestigious” college, while you are left in the dust as “the person who only got accepted to a JC.” Honestly, going to a JC has so many more benefits than going to a University. You save THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars by getting your general Ed out of the way at a JC for your first two or three years. You are getting the same amount of education and the same classes by taking general Ed at the JC. If you aren’t getting recognized for your acceptance letter to a JC, don’t feel bad. So many people go to the JC first and I know a couple people who had to transfer to a JC from a University because they couldn’t afford the tuition anymore. The JC is awesome. Do it! Go there!

5. If you think you will hate the class or the teacher and will not be able to last the semester, DROP THE CLASS.
I made this mistake. I had an English class that I absolutely hated. The teacher was terrible, the homework was 10 times more than all of the other same English courses. I waited too long and ended up having to take a “W” by dropping it. It is just a withdrawal and it’s not too bad to have one of these, but it doesn’t look good to schools once you start stacking these up. If the class isn’t required to take or it is required and there are other teachers who teach it, drop it. But drop it before it’s too late so you can get your money back and so it won’t be shown on your transcript. Trust me, you will regret staying in the class if you hate it within the first two weeks. It will get worse.

6. Not all of your classes will be full of a hundred people.
In the movies, they play this aspect up big. You won’t always be in a big lecture hall for your class. I’ve had classes with only 10 people before. If you are scared of big crowds, don’t worry. Your classes won’t always be huge like they say in the movies.

7. Don’t feel pressured to join clubs or sororities.
Honestly, these aren’t that big of a deal. Hollywood makes it seem that these are the only reasons you should go to college and that these are the only things that you will enjoy. I know people say that it helps you to make new friends, but you will have so many opportunities in your classes to meet new people. I joined the Christian club at my college, but I was so busy with homework that it was really hard to keep up with the club meetings and events. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t involved in anything. But if you do want to join a club, you should totally go for it! Being or not being in a club or sorority will not make or break your college experience.

8. There will be people who are over 40 in your classes.
I think this is one of the coolest things to see. It’s awesome that so many people go back to school and are pursuing something they really enjoy. Some of the nicest people I met were in their 50s. In one class I took, there were 4 times more 70 year olds than 18 year olds. In my other classes, the best group discussions were when someone over 40 chimed in. They have so much knowledge and wisdom coming into the class and it really is a treat to have them there.

9. Once you find a teacher you like, take more of their classes.
It is really hard to find a teacher that you absolutely love, but if you do find a good one, take every possible class you can with them! I took a history class, and mind you I was never a history buff, but the teacher was SO good and he made me actually learn to love history! I took another class with him the next semester and it was AWESOME!

10. Use the library/study hall.
Whenever I had a break in between classes, I would head straight to the library. I got so much stuff done in that quiet space because there were no distractions from home keeping me away from important tasks. Sure it’s nice to study at home where you can be in your PJs, but at the library your mind completely focuses in on the task at hand. Those were my most productive hours. Take advantage of the free space and resources!

11. Pack Small Snacks instead of a big lunch.
In between classes, you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and eat. If you do have time, sometime it is hard to find a place to eat depending on the college. I recommend small healthy snacks that you can eat in between/on your way to class. It is much quicker and more effective on having you last the whole day.

12. Go on a campus tour or walk around on your own before you start school.
It takes the stress of the first day of school if you walk to each and every one of your classes the week before. Find the main office, the bathrooms, library, cafe or cafeteria, and all of your classes. By the time school starts, you will have your schedule down and you will seem like you’ve been going there for years.

Any questions about starting college? Please leave a comment!